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The First Of 3 Two-Hour Lessons

Important Information You Need To Know!

The time it takes to complete the 3 two-hour lessons, beginning with the date you choose to take your first lesson, can vary greatly depending on many factors. The student's previous driving experience, completion of practice time as directed by the instructor, progress in mastering the State requirements, and overall driving aptitude all come into play. Students with little time behind the wheel can typically take up to 8 weeks or more between the first and the last lesson.

It is the student's responsibility to schedule their drives in a timely manner. We recommend scheduling the first lesson within a few weeks of the Classroom Session

Things To Remember

  • You Will Stay With The Same Instructor For All Three Driving Lessons

  • Your Second And Third Lessons Will Be Scheduled At The Direction Of Your Instructor

Scheduling Is Easy!

Click An Instructor To See Their Availability, Then Click On A Time To Schedule A Lesson

Click The Box Again To Return To The Full List Of Instructors

Note: if you have already scheduled a First Lesson, you will be unable to do so again. Please contact your Instructor for help in scheduling your next lesson.

(Schedule May Take A Few Moments To Load)

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