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Double Team Driving School Course

8 Hour Classroom Session - 6 Hours Behind The Wheel Driving

Behind The Wheel Instruction Scheduled After First Day Of Class

Enroll Right Here Online!

  • Parents Supervised Driving Handbook
    Although this Handbook is designed for parents who take on the entire job of teaching their teen to drive without the help of a Driver Education Course, it's a great way for you to be sure you are on the right track when practice driving with your teen while, and even after, they attend Double Team Driving School. We highly recommend that at the very least parents skim through to see the highlights of this valuable teaching tool. Download
  • Practice Driving Log
    To get their Restricted License at 15, along with holding the Instructor Permit for a year and attending Driver Education, they must also accumlate at least 25 hour of Practice Driving Time. Print this "Driving Log" endorsed by the State of Kansas to archive the 44 hours of behind the wheel practice time required. Teens can log any time they drive with and parent or adult 21 years of age or older, and can also count the 6 Hours of Behind The Wheel Driving Instruction they receive from the Double Team Course. Download Here
  • Parent-Teen Driving Agreement
    We believe it is important to have a "formal" agreement between parents and teens in regards to what guidelines will be followed on their driver education journey. Download this "Parent-Teen Drving Agreement" that let's you set boundaries in a collaborative, positive and upbeat manner. Download Here
  • Required Documents
    When your teen is ready to exhange either their Driver Education Instruction Permit for a State issued Instruction Permit (IP), or to exchange their Certificate of Completion for the appropriate license, they will be required to show Proof Of Citizenship, Proof of Kansas Residency, and a Social Security Card. Click below for information on what Documents are approved for each category. (For more information about permits and licenses click here) Download Required Documents
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